in writing . − I have voted in favor of the resolution on Maritime Piracy (2011/2962(RSP) ) in an effort to continue the protection of all sea barring vessels and the men and women that work at sea. I strongly believe that this resolution can implement the appropriate measures to insure safer waters as well as hamper, if not stop, the actions of the so called pirates. Many of our member states rely heavily on shipping, be it for imports or exports, or employment, either as a ship’s crew or, the vastly important fishing industry. Therefore, we must demonstrate our willingness to do what is necessary to protect against this horrific practice. It is important that we continue, and even increase, our participation with the current actions being taken by the U.N., NATO, the U.S. and others. It can be said that we as a democratic Union will not lay down to the terrorists of the seas as it infringes upon the ideas which are greatly valued by us. The protection of our citizens and those of our allies is of the utmost importance and cannot, and will not, be undermined by these perpetrators.

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