Enhancing cooperation to disrupt terrorist financing

Improved rules for the Member States’ cooperation in the confiscation of assets generated by crime will be voted by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs on Thursday. Terrorist attacks in European cities have shown that our current EU laws do not sufficiently prevent access of terrorists to finance. The EPP Group has therefore been calling for better EU cooperation to disrupt terrorist financing. The new rules under which a Member State will execute a freezing or confiscation order issued by another Member State are another important step in fighting terrorism and other serious crimes in the EU. 

Accelerating clean energy innovation

The EU's prosperity and global relevance over the coming decades will depend primarily on our ability to innovate. The need to accelerate clean energy innovation as a matter of overarching importance will be addressed in Jerzy Buzek's Report to be voted in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee on Thursday. Buzek is convinced that an ambitious framework programme (2021-2027) with an increased overall budget of €120 billion and the proposal to increase energy-related financing by 50% must play a crucial role in accelerating clean energy innovation. He also stresses the role of citizens in energy transformation and in driving innovation. 

Press Conferences

Friday @ 11.00 hrs: Pre-session briefing

  • Source : eppgroup.eu
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