Highlights of next committee meeting

Thursday 11 April 2019, 9.00 – 12.30

Brussels, Room PHS 4Q001



  • Fact-finding Visit to Valledora, Piedmont, Italy, adoption of a draft FFV report (9.30)


  • Study on “Food Labelling for Consumers - EU Law and Policy Options(based on petitions received)”by Dr. Kai Purnhagen LLM, Associate Professor, Wageningen University, Netherlands (+/- 10:15)


  • (9.45 - 12.30)


  • Petition 0578/2017 by Mads Nikolajsen (Danish) on Denmark's breach of EU environmental legislation to enable expansion of aquaculture (in the presence of the petitioner)

Fundamental rights

  • Petition 0585/2018 by Y.H. (Bulgarian) on methods to combat modern slavery in EU trade

Internal market

  • Petition 0924/2018 by Paul Villain (French), on behalf of Association des Brûlés de France, on accidents caused by lack of market surveillance in the EU (in the presence of the petitioner)

Health - Consumer’s rights

  • Petition 0663/2018 by Francoise Côte (French), on behalf of ‘Dans l'enfer des prothèses mammaires’ on mammary prosthetics and effects on the health of women
  • Petition 0844/2018 by J.S. (British), on behalf of PIP Action Campaign, on PIP breast implants (in the presence of the petitioner)
  • Petition 1104/2018 by Marisol Vargas (Spanish) on breast implants by the company PIP and their effects on women’s health

Education - Disability

  • Petition 0956/2018 by Monika Mamulska (Polish) on alleged restrictions by the Polish authorities to access to education for disabled pupils
  • Petition 1186/2018 by Katarzyna Krella (Polish) on systemic solutions for therapeutic and educational care facilities for children and young people socially impaired in Poland (in the presence of the petitioner)


  • Petition 0998/2018 by Alberto Cirio (Italian) on a review of the High-Speed Turin-Lyon railway line infrastructure project (in the presence of the petitioner)
  • Petition 0730/2018 by Salvatore Alice (Italian), on behalf of the Parco Montemarcello Magra Vara, Liguria Committee, bearing 108 signatures, on the abolition of a regional nature reserve part of the Natura 2000 network (in the presence of the petitioner)

Next meeting:

22 - 23 July 2019 (tbc)

  • Source : europarl.europa.eu
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