“By opening up the EU internal electricity market, citizens and businesses alike should benefit from lower prices and a real choice of energy supplier. We will create a more competitive market with much stronger incentives for new technologies”, said Jerzy Buzek MEP after the adoption of four different pieces of legislation on the electricity market.

The EPP Group pioneered the creation of an Energy Union of which an important cornerstone is the revision of the rules on the internal electricity market in the European Union. The main aim is a real European electricity market where 70 percent of all electricity can cross EU borders freely.

“It is a good idea to get away from heavy state subsidies and give the market breathing space to do the job of supplying households and industries with affordable and secure energy inside the EU”, said Buzek.

“The internal electricity market will see a transformation to cleaner electricity production and it will open up more competition in electricity across the EU border, which is both good for the environment and the wallet", he concluded.

  • Source : europarl.europa.eu
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