Fight for the truth: free and independent journalism

In the past year, our continent has been shocked with the murders of a number of journalists, which is a clear threat to freedom of speech and independent journalism. On Thursday, the EPP Group will host a public hearing on the importance of having free and independent journalism in today's world. The hearing will be addressed by the EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber, but will also include remarks from a number of journalists, including the Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Matthew Caruana Galizia, the son of the Maltese murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. 

Improving security through information sharing

With Monday’s vote, the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee will close the gaps in data sharing essential for tracking criminals, preventing terrorist attacks and managing migration in the EU. Two pieces of legislation for the interoperability of information systems negotiated by the EPP Group will connect information gathered by border guards, law enforcement and customs officers, immigration officials and judicial authorities in order to detect people who pose a threat to citizens' security. 

First step towards capping CO2 emissions from trucks

The Environment Committee will vote on Thursday on what could be considered a first step towards capping CO2 emissions for new heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses. Under the new rules, Member States will make public information concerning CO2 emissions and fuel consumption performance of all new heavy vehicles registered in a calendar year. The European Parliament, Commission and Council already agreed on the provisional proposal last March.

Strengthening the Erasmus+ Programme

An EPP Group Hearing on 'The new Erasmus+ Programme (2021-2027)' will take place on Wednesday. The event will be hosted by Sabine Verheyen MEP, EPP Group Spokeswoman on Education issues, and Milan Zver MEP, Spokesman for the Erasmus Programme in the European Parliament. The EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber will participate. "The new Erasmus is, on one hand, bringing big new initiatives like the European Universities Network, the Centres of Vocational Excellence and the DiscoverEU activities (based on the successful Interrail pilot project). On the other hand, it will improve and upgrade existing components of the programme: improved language learning opportunities, facilitated mobility for school children, mobility for sports coaches, more focus on small-scale partnerships, virtual and blended 'mobility' etc. For this, the European Commission proposed to almost double the funds for the future 7-year-long programme, but the European Parliament is asking for the tripling of funds”, says Milan Zver.

EPP Group boosting the role of youth in European agriculture

The EPP Group is organising the Fifth Congress for Youth Farmers on Thursday to boost the role of young people in the sector and to promote rural development. It is an initiative of MEPs Esther Herranz García and Nuno Melo in cooperation with two agricultural organisations: ASAJA (Spain) and CAP (Portugal). The more innovative and sustainable projects in the agriculture sector presented during the Congress will be awarded a prize.

Cross-border healthcare: making it work for all Europeans

The EPP Group will organise a hearing on Wednesday on the quality of care and patient safety under the Cross-border Healthcare Directive. The hearing will focus on patients' rights in cross-border healthcare, with contributions from the European Patients' Forum and EU hospitals, amongst others. Health professionals and decision-makers will also discuss the future of cross-border healthcare, e-health and funding. "The Directive has been an important step for better healthcare through a greater choice between different treatments and healthcare services. However, based on the uneven implementation to date, it has clearly failed to achieve some of its objectives. Therefore it is important to work together with the Commission, the Member States and other stakeholders to analyse the current situation to further improve it", Ivo Belet said.

Intercultural Dialogue with Churches and Religious Institutions

The XXI Annual EPP Group Intercultural Dialogue with Churches and Religious Institutions will be held in an inspirational place near Lisbon in Ericeira, Portugal, from 17-19 October 2018. With a stimulating content: What kind of Europe do we want? - Time for vision and solutions, the debates will mainly focus on rethinking Europe, the role of the family, youth, education and how peace and security can be maintained in Europe and the world. The event is organised in the form of a ‘dialogue’ between European and national politicians, Church leaders, experts and religious representatives, in order to enable an open and honest discussion between speakers and participants of different cultural, religious, geographic and linguistic backgrounds.

Press conferences

Friday @ 11.00 hrs: Pre-session briefing

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