The EPP Group has welcomed today’s decisions by the European Commission to enhance the transparency of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations.

"Better access to the current TTIP negotiations for citizens and Members of the European Parliament is a real and long overdue step. The innovations presented for more transparency in the TTIP mark a successful restart for the European Commission and especially for Cecilia Malmström. It basically makes it possible for everyone to learn about the current status of the TTIP. This is of crucial importance because from now on, European or American citizens can no longer be manipulated by alarmists. In these negotiations, transparency is also an instrument that allows a rational debate to prevail over bias propaganda, facts to prevail over emotions", stressed Daniel Caspary MEP, the EPP Group Spokesman on International Trade.

Caspary underlined the need to strike the right balance between maximum transparency and necessary confidentiality: "The new Trade Commissioner has turned into action what the European Parliament has been requesting for a long time and where her predecessor Karel de Gucht failed. Our shared goal must be the reduction of worries and myths - this can only happen through more transparency. But let’s not forget that the TTIP is still an ongoing negotiation that will always require a degree of confidentiality", he concluded.

  • Source : http://www.eppgroup.eu
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