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From Brussels

Trade MEPs back further trade preferences to Ukraine with some exceptions

The EU should offer further trade preferences to Ukraine, but some sensitive agricultural products don’t need additional EU support, Members of the International Trade Committee say in a resolution adopted Thursday.

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From Brussels

EPP unanimously supports European Council President Donald Tusk, discusses Western Balkans and EU economies at its Summit

The European People’s Party’s (EPP) heads of state and government and opposition leaders met today in Brussels ahead of the European Council. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk were in attendance. EPP leaders also welcomed Antonio Tajani for the first time in his capacity as President of the European Parliament.

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From Brussels

Ukraine deserves visa-free travel

"We attach great importance to visa free travel as it allows easier, people-to-people contact, the deepening of cultural ties and political dialogue."

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