24.11.2016 - 12:36

EPP Group calls for political stability until 2019 elections

“On behalf of the EPP Group, I would like to sincerely thank Martin Schulz for his outstanding commitment to Europe”, said Manfred Weber MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, following the announcement by European Parliament President Martin Schulz of his...


24.11.2016 - 12:29

VAT: EPP Group wants to reform 'prone to fraud' system

Parliament adopts 'action plan': VAT should be paid where the consumer is "A clear call to EU Member States to fight VAT fraud resolutely and jointly", stated Werner Langen MEP, the EPP Group MEP who drafted the Report 'Towards a definitive VAT...


24.11.2016 - 10:56

Umbrella Agreement: same rights for EU & US citizens

Today, the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs gave the thumbs up to an agreement between the EU and the US on the sharing of data between the two continents in the area of law enforcement. The EPP Group...


24.11.2016 - 09:51

Small transport businesses key to successful digital economy

"One of the big challenges for the future is to create a positive business environment for entrepreneurs in the collaborative economy. That’s why we are calling on the European Commission to present a road map on connected cars, and to analyse the...

  • Source : eppgroup.eu
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