Committee on Fisheries - Highlights of next meeting

Wednesday 9 November 2016 (09.00–18.30) and Thursday 10 November 2016 (09.00-12.30) in Brussels - Room: PHS 5B001 (Paul-Henri Spaak building)


VOTES (Wednesday starting at 09.30)

Establishing a long-term plan for cod stocks and the fisheries exploiting those stocks, vote on the text agreed during the informal interinstitutional negotiations, rapporteur Diane Dodds (NI, UK)

Agreement between the European Union and the Kingdom of Norway on reciprocal access to fishing in the Skagerrak for vessels flying the flag of Denmark, Norway and Swedenvote on the draft report and the legislative draft recommendation (consent), rapporteur Jørn Dohrmann (ECR, DK)



Exchange of views with the Commission on total allowable catches (TACs) and quotas for the Baltic Sea (Wednesday after 11.30)

Multi-annual plan for demersal stocks in the North Sea and the fisheries exploiting those stocks exchange of views, rapporteur  Ulrike Rodust (S&D, DE) (Wednesday, 15.00) 

Conservation of fishery resources and the protection of marine ecosystems through technical measures exchange of views, rapporteur  Gabriel Mato (EPP, ES) (Thursday, 09.45)

Management, conservation and control measures applicable in the Convention Area of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)exchange of views, rapporteur  Gabriel Mato (EPP, ES) (Thursday, after 10.15)


HEARING (Wednesday 16.30-18.30)

Public hearing on ‘Marine protected areas: valuing marine biodiversity and ecosystems for the blue economy’

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are key components in an ecosystem approach to fisheries management. MPAs have been developed in an attempt to unite and harmonise conservation and economic interests, improving the sustainable exploitation of natural resources, and maximizing additional socio-economic benefits.



Presentation by DG MARE of a study entitled The EU fish market – 2016 Edition (Wednesday after 15.30)

Presentation by Policy Department B of a study entitled Seafood Industry Integration in the EU(Thursday 09.00-09.45)


  • Source : europarl.europa.eu