Location: Bullkyrkan at Stadsmission, Stortorget 3, 103 17 Stockholm, Sweden

Friday 17 June

08:30 Coffee & Sandwiches

09:00 Day 1 summary

09:10 Bridging the gap between advice and decision makers in fisheries policy

Development and content of the Baltic Multiannual Plan

Jarosław Wałęsa, European Parliament

MSY in the EU: A Political History

Michael Earle, Greens in the European Parliament

Adequate science is not the problem, but integration. How do we prepare to ask the right questions?

Roland Cormier, Helmholts-Zentrum

10:40 Coffee (5 minutes, and available throughout)

10:45 Panel Discussion Moderator Yvonne Walther, ICES

What do we need to do now to improve the implementation of EBFM prior to the next CFP reform?


Jarosław Wałęsa, Member of European Parliament

Mart Undrest, Chair, Estonian Fishermen’s Association

Marcin Rucinski, Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Sonja Feldthaus, Head of Section, Centre for Fisheries in the Danish AgriFish Agency

Michael Earle, Advisor, Greens in the European Parliament

Gustaf Almqvist, Scientist, Baltic Eye

12:00 Summary and Closing


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