On 22nd September 2015 in European Parliament I had a chance to participate in a hearing concerning issues such as Multiannual Plan for fisheries in Baltic Sea organized by the Committee on Fisheries in which I am the vice-president.

Apart from the regular members of PECH, I have invited representatives from Polish Fisheries Organisations, who came to Brussels specifically in order to be able to take part in the hearing. The issues discussed during that meeting are very likely to directly influence their jobs. The above mentioned hearing was held in the presence of Council and the Commission as well as the experts on fisheries. I hope that my guests are satisfied with the course of the hearing - I would like to thank them for their presence and opinion concerning the discussed topic. I have great expectations regarding that matter and I believe that, together with the Council and Commission, we will be able to reach a satisfying consensus, which not only will ensure the sustainable exploitation of fisheries but also will create clear and straight-forward tool for Our Fishermen.

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