In a statement signed by over 220 Members of the European Parliament and sent to EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini, European lawmakers slammed Iran’s gross human rights violations and called on Iranian regime to “end the executions, free political prisoners, stop the repression of women and respect the rights and freedoms of the Iranian people.”


The Euro MPs who represent all political groups in the European Parliament and are from all 28 member states of the European Union added “Iran needs to adhere to all UN Security Council resolutions with regard to its nuclear program and it should respond to all outstanding IAEA questions while allowing intrusive inspections of all its military and non-military sites whether declared or undeclared.”

We are extremely worried about Iran’s despicable human rights records, recent arrest of women political activists and the sudden increase of executions especially after the preliminary nuclear agreement in April,” Gérard Deprez, chair of the Friends of a Free Iran in European Parliament said speaking from Brussels. “What is happening in Iran today is totally incompatible with our democratic principles in Europe, therefore any expansion of relationship with Iran must be conditioned to a clear improvement of human rights.”

Deprez said the signed declaration had been sent to Ms Mogherini asking her to adopt a firm policy towards Iran.

“Iran is at the heart of the crisis in this region and not part of the solution. If fundamentalism and extremism is to be uprooted in this region, Iran’s destructive influence and interference should end,” the MEPs declared in a display of mistrust on the role played by Iran in the Middle East region.

The European parliamentarians stressed support for an alternative plan presented by Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi for the future of Iran which calls for “a democratic pluralistic republic based on universal suffrage, freedom of expression, abolition of torture and death penalty, separation of church and state, a non-nuclear Iran, an independent judicial system, rights for minorities, peaceful coexistence in the region, gender equality and commitment to Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

They also called for protection of Iranian dissidents who are held in prison-like conditions in a camp in Iraq. “Protection of Camp Liberty residents must be secured and ensured by Iraq, United States and the United Nations. Camp Liberty needs to be recognized as a refugee camp and its siege, in particular its medical blockade, must be revoked in its entirety.”

The signatories of the statement include 4 vice-presidents of the European Parliament as well as 16 Committee and Delegation chairs.

Office of Gérard Deprez, MEP , Chair, Friends of a Free Iran in European Parliament