"The Holy Father's visit is a very special moment for the European Parliament. His message of peace, solidarity and openness, his amazing personality and wisdom reach out to everyone, no matter what their personal beliefs are", said Manfred Weber MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, on Tuesday.

"By addressing the representatives of the European people, those who are responsible for democracy, freedom of religion and human rights, Pope Francis is sending a strong message of support for democracy and to the EU as a project of peace. His address is also a timely wake-up call to all European citizens. We must resist egoistic approaches and take Europe to a new beginning, based not only on money and the economy but first and foremost on ideas and values.

With his speech, Pope Francis reminded us that European values are rooted in Christianity. We should also never forget that the human being must be at the core of our engagement. It is our global responsibility to keep these values alive and make sure they are respected", Manfred Weber said.

"In these difficult times, when tensions are rising within and outside our continent, Europeans should not give in to fear of others and mistrust. Pope Francis encouraged us all to stand for peace, for the respect of human dignity, for solidarity, and to fight against poverty all over the world", concluded Weber.

  • Source : http://www.eppgroup.eu/
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