Towards clearer, fairer, credit ratings

New rules to discourage automatic reliance on agencies' credit ratings of sovereign debt or share issuers will be put to a vote on Wednesday 16 January. Agencies could issue unsolicited sovereign debt ratings only at specific times and their shareholdings in rated entities would be capped to prevent conflicts of interest.

Eurobonds and other debt-pooling tools

A resolution to keep up pressure on the Commission and member states to explore all avenues for pooling sovereign debt will be voted on Wednesday 16 January. The draft affirms that fears of free-riding can be overcome by carefully-crafted solutions, including Eurobonds. It also points out that the eurozone is unique in having a single currency but no common bond market.

MEPs to debate Irish presidency priorities and record of outgoing Cyprus presidency

The House will discuss the programme and priorities of the incoming Irish presidency with the Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny in the week's key debate at 9.00 on Wednesday 16 January. MEPs will review the outgoing Cyprus presidency with Cyprus president Demetris Christofias from 9.00 on Tuesday 15 January.

European Parliament to approve its revised calendar for 2013

MEPs will vote Wednesday 16 January on a new calendar with 12 plenary part-sessions in Strasbourg in 2013 as ruled by the European Court of Justice.

MEPs to urge ministers to back youth guarantee schemes

Plans for "youth guarantee" schemes to ensure that all young people get a job, education or an internship offer after four months' unemployment, will be put to vote on Tuesday 15 January. The draft resolution urges EU employment ministers to agree in February on introducing the schemes in all member states.

Syria: is a peaceful solution still possible?

Escalating violence in Syria and UN and Arab League joint efforts to secure its transition to democracy will be debated by political group leaders and a representative of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Wednesday 16 January.

Investing in research to drive EU's economic recovery

Question Time with the Commission on Tuesday 15 January will focus on research and innovation, particularly under the EU's Horizon 2020 research programme for 2014-2020.

Other business

  • Fewer restrictions on fishing in the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea
  • MEPs to contest withdrawal of "made in" import labelling rules
  • Stop exploiting traditional remedies from developing countries,
  • MEPs will say MEPs to back historic EU deal with Iraq
  • Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann to address European Parliament on the future of Europe
  • Poverty and piracy in the Horn of Africa
  • How to establish a Middle East free of nuclear weapons
  • Human rights and democracy resolutions
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