Jarosław Leszek Wałęsa (PPE ), in writing . – India is a home to a thriving democracy and to a recent stunning economic growth.

Unfortunately,this has not prevented serious human rights abuses from happening in various parts of the country.By now, many have heard of the horrifying rape and murder of a young student in the heart of India’s capital–New Delhi.I would like to emphasize that this is not a single act of violence against women in that country.The statistics are terrifying-every 21 minutes,a woman is raped in India.Most rapes remain unreported and even those rapes that are, often end up unpunished.The brutality of the crime meant that the usual regressive attitudes of India’s leadership were roundly condemned and the protests demanding action have grown louder.I call on the Commission and other EU institutions to convince the Indian government to improve the way they tackle this problem.I'm convinced it's not only the case of introducing new law, as there are already plenty of unenforced ones, but to change the way in which rape investigations are conducted.I strongly believe, the problem is fundamentally a lack of justice and impunity. Indian government should take actions to start changing culture of the country from one that blames women to the one treating rape as a crime and punishing rapists.

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