Final step towards a common European asylum system

MEPs get their final say on the architecture of the Common European Asylum System in a vote on Wednesday 12 June. This system will lay down common procedures and deadlines for handling applications, create a basic set of rights for asylum seekers arriving in the EU and stop transfers of asylum applicants to member states that are unable to cope. Some 330,000 asylum applicants were registered in EU countries in 2012.

Schengen reform: vote on dawn raids to halt illegal border checks

Schengen compliance inspectors would be empowered to pay unannounced visits to prevent illegal border checks by national authorities at internal borders, as part of a reform package to be voted on Wednesday 12 June. Free movement is the most positive outcome of 50 years of EU integration, 62% of respondents told a recent Eurobarometer survey.

EP to shape next aid scheme for Europe's most deprived

Parliament will vote Wednesday 12 June on the budget and participation rules for the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived. MEPs on the social affairs, budget and agriculture committees all voted to keep the fund at its current level of €3.5 billion, to pay for food and clothes to meet the basic needs of Europe's poorest people in 2014-2020.

Oil, gas and mineral firms could be forced to disclose payments to governments

Large oil, gas, mineral and logging firms could be forced to disclose full details of their worldwide payments to governments for every extraction project if Parliament endorses a draft law, already informally agreed with the Council, in a vote on Wednesday 12 June.

Vote on using air passengers' personal data to counter terrorism A Commission proposal to allow the use of EU air passengers' personal data such as addresses or credit card details to investigate serious crimes and terrorist offences will be put to a plenary vote on Wednesday 12 June. The civil liberties committee rejected the proposed text by 30 votes to 25.

New rules for baby food, special diet food and low-calorie food

Rules on the labelling and content of baby milks and food for special medical purposes will be better defined in order to protect consumers and distinguish more clearly between foods for normal consumption and foods for specific groups, says a draft law to be voted on Tuesday 11 June. The draft, agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators, also covers some low-calorie diets.

Distribution of MEP seats by member state after 2014 elections

The distribution of MEPs' seats among EU countries for 2014-2019 will be put to a final vote on Wednesday 12 June. Under plans tabled by MEPs in March and since backed by the Council, 12 EU countries would each lose one seat after the 2014 European elections. They are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania.

Pre-summit debate: country-specific reform recommendations and young unemployed

In the run-up to the EU summit on 27-28 June in Brussels, MEPs will debate on Wednesday 12 June the Commission's country-specific budgetary and structural reform recommendations with its president José Manuel Barroso and the Irish Presidency of the Council. At noon CET MEPs will vote a resolution on youth unemployment and another that is likely to urge heads of state or government at the summit to step up investment in order to spur growth and the creation of more jobs.

Slovenian president Borut Pahor to address Parliament

Slovenian president,Borut Pahor will deliver a formal address to the European Parliament on Tuesday 11 June at noon CET. He is likely to focus on the current situation in Slovenia and the accession of neighbouring country Croatia as the EU's 28th member state on 1 July.

Portuguese president Aníbal Cavaco Silva to address Parliament

Portuguese president Aníbal Cavaco Silva will deliver a formal address to the European Parliament on Wednesday 12 June at noon CET. He is likely to focus on Portugal's experience with its bailout programme and its relations with the EU.

Vote on new Croatian commissioner for consumer protection

Parliament votes Wednesday 12 June on the nomination of Croatian politician Neven Mimica as the commissioner-designate for consumer policy, after a hearing held on 4 June by the consumer protection and public health committees.

MEPs to debate unrest in Turkey

The violent crackdown on anti-government protests in Turkey and curbs on fundamental rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech and freedom of the media, will be in the spotlight during the debate between MEPs and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Wednesday 12 June. The unrest has spread following the use of force by police in response to a protest aimed at saving Istanbul's Gezi Park.

Other issues

Vote on plans to step up fight against organised crime

MEPs to urge Council and Commission to get moving on financial sector reform

Improving workers' protection against electromagnetic fields

Votes on relaxing EU cod quota rules and blacklisting non-EU boats

Court of Auditors: Parliament to vote on Romanian and Croatian candidates

Mali: how can the EU help with reconstruction and democratisation?

EEAS two years on: MEPs to call for stronger synergy and political leadership

Afghanistan: MEPs to discuss future EU engagement

Defending human rights in ACP countries and press freedom around the world

Human rights and democracy resolutions

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