A provisional deal on simplified and more flexible technical conservation measures for fishermen was reached between EP and Council negotiators on Wednesday night.

Gabriel Mato (EPP, ES) rapporteur and lead negotiator for the EP said:

"The agreement we reached after almost 3 years of hard work on how, where and when fishermen can fish allows for more flexible, simplified, results based, regionalised rules, tailored made to the specificities of each fishery and each sea basin. We move away from “micro-management” from Brussels, for which we have always been accused.

The agreement is beneficial for everybody, especially - and most importantly - for fishermen. This means greater involvement of the sector in the decision making. This, in turn, means better legislation.

On the controversial issue of pulse fishing, the deal is that this technique is banned. The deal provides also for a transitional period, so that fishermen have the time to adapt to the ban. And it does not impede the much needed innovation."

Next steps

The agreement needs to be confirmed by the Fisheries Committee and EP Plenary as well as the Council before it can enter into force.

  • Source : europarl.europa.eu
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