Future of Europe debate with Angela Merkel

On Tuesday afternoon, Members of the European Parliament will debate the future of Europe with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber will lead the debate. 

Energy Union: clean, affordable and secure energy is well underway

The EPP Group pioneered the creation of the Energy Union in the EU with the aim of providing clean, affordable and secure energy to its citizens and businesses. The goals we set up in the deal with the Council on energy efficiency, the promotion of renewable energy and a good set-up on governance will all help to support the Energy Union goals and our commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, to bring global warming under control. 

Telecoms package: no more excessive fees, faster internet

The new rules for telecommunications (European Electronic Communications Code, or EECC) will eliminate excessive fees for consumers, give us faster internet and provide 5G mobile networks for people and businesses - all clear EPP Group priorities. We have ensured a new model of investment - for co-investment, which will encourage the private sector to invest more in fibre networks while safeguarding competition to the benefit of consumers. Another clear priority for the EPP Group has been the deployment of  a 'reverse 112' emergency warning system whereby all people - locals and visitors alike - within a certain range of an incident receive a warning message, making sure people are better informed in case of an emergency. 

Next long-term EU budget

The Interim Report on the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and own resources, setting the levels and priorities of the EU budgets for the next seven years, will be voted on Wednesday in Strasbourg. The EPP Group wants to see the MFF placed at the top of the Council’s political agenda so that a good agreement is reached, ensuring the necessary funding for key EU policies, and in a timely manner - before the 2019 European elections - so that all programmes and funds are up and running by January 2021. We want to increase the budget for research and innovation, increase the level of funding for transport infrastructure programmes, double funding for SMEs, triple the current budget for the Erasmus+ Programme and maintain the financing of the Common Agricultural Policy. The next long-term EU budget must guarantee the Union’s ability to meet our citizens’ needs. 

Preventing new terrorist attacks in Europe

Recommendations on how to prevent new terrorist attacks in Europe will be adopted by the Committee on Terrorism on Tuesday in Strasbourg. We need better EU cooperation in the field of automatic information exchange, public security alerts, tracking of illegal financing, prevention of radicalisation and standards for victims and their families. The Committee report by Monika Hohlmeier MEP reflects a year of information gathering from national and European bodies specialised in fighting terrorism, as well as a series of debates with experts. 

Non-negotiable rule of law

After last session's debate in October on calling for a mechanism on a comprehensive democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights, the Plenary will adopt a Resolution on Wednesday in Strasbourg. The Resolution underlines the fact that such values cannot be taken for granted and emphasises the need for them to be ensured via a mechanism. This mechanism would not only highlight when these values are at risk, but would also seek to prevent such a thing happening. For us, the rule of law is non-negotiable.

Rule of law in Romania

Last August, another riot took place on the streets of Bucharest, with violent clashes between riot police and protestors. The debate on the rule of law in Romania has now been going on for several years and we want to ensure that Romania takes over the EU Council Presidency next year with no uncertainty and instability. MEPs debated the situation in Romania during their plenary session in October. The Resolution will now be voted on Tuesday in Strasbourg. 

Capping CO2 emissions from trucks

On Wednesday, the European Parliament will vote on new rules which, for the first time in European history, recommend capping CO2 emissions from trucks. The Environment Committee recommendation adopted in October sets a 35% CO2 emissions reduction target for heavy-duty vehicles by 2030. “We need CO2 legislation that drives innovation further and gets new, more low-emission trucks out on the roads,” said Christofer Fjellner, the EPP Group’s lead MEP on the dossier. 

Improved rights for railway passengers

On Thursday, the European Parliament will adopt strengthened and modernised rights for European railway passengers. In case of delays, travellers will profit from fair and reasonable compensation rules. People with disabilities and reduced mobility will be able to travel more easily and spontaneously. The new rules should apply from 2020.

Association Agreements with Georgia and Moldova

Members of the European Parliament will for the first time assess progress in the implementation of the Association Agreements concluded with Georgia and Moldova. Both agreements entered into force in July 2016, giving the signatory countries the tools necessary for strengthening their economies and democracies and deepening their relations with the EU. We believe that, while Georgia has made satisfactory progress in implementing the provisions of the agreement, its authorities must do more in order to ensure the independence of the justice system and themedia. In the case of Moldova, we are particularly worried by the deterioration of their democracy, and especially by the invalidation of the mayoral elections in Chisinau and a change of the electoral law against the advice of the Venice Committee. The assessments reports will be voted on Wednesday.

Presentation of TAX final report

The European Parliament's Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX 3) will present its final report in Strasbourg on Monday evening.

Chairman's Agenda

Tuesday: Future of Europe debate in plenary with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Strasbourg 

Press Conferences (12-16 November)

Tuesday @ 11.10 EPP Group plenary briefing

Wednesday @ 11.30 Pilar del Castillo Vera MEP, Rapporteur, and others on the Telecom Package

Wednesday @ 16.00  Jan Olbrycht MEP, Janusz Lewandowski MEP and others on the Multiannual Financial Framework

  • Source : eppgroup.eu
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