"To safeguard the free and rules-based trading system we stand for, we have amended the current anti-dumping and anti-subsidies regulations to become more suitable to today's global trading environment.

Together with the new anti-dumping methodology, we have delivered an up-to-date system so that we can liberalise trade while at the same time making sure everyone plays by the rules", said Christofer Fjellner MEP, responsible for the dossier in the European Parliament, after MEPs today approved the modernisation of the EU’s trade defence instruments.

"The changes made to the trade defence instruments Regulation will increase transparency and predictability in our trade defence: investigation periods will be shorter, help will be given to SMEs to make their voices heard in the process and everyone will be aware of new duties before they take final effect. I expect the European Commission to apply the new powers in a wise and proportionate way. Trade defence instruments must never become a tool for protectionism", concluded Fjellner.

Together with the reform on anti-dumping methodology that was adopted last year, this Regulation completes the anti-dumping package that modernises and ensures continued effectiveness of the EU's trade defence.

  • Source : eppgroup.eu
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