EPP Group priorities reflected in 2018 EU Budget
On Wednesday and Thursday at the mini-Plenary, MEPs will debate and vote on the deal reached during conciliation talks on next year's EU budget. "The EPP Group fought hard throughout long negotiations to deliver EU citizens the adequate financing for jobs, growth and security”, stated Siegfried Mureşan MEP, Parliament's Chief Negotiator for the European Commission’s budget. The preliminary achievements of the agreement are €160.1 billion in commitments and €144.7 billion in payments, increasing funds for research, Erasmus+, fighting youth unemployment, and cutting the pre-accession funds for Turkey.

Siegfried MUREŞAN
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Twitter: @SMuresan
Francisco Correia Da Silva, Tel: +32 470 830 567

Providing legal certainty for banks and investors
As part of a package of legislative proposals aimed at reducing risks in the EU banking industry, MEPs will vote on Thursday in the mini-Plenary on the agreement with the Council on the Directive on the ranking of unsecured debt instruments in insolvency proceedings (bank creditor hierarchy). "This proposal will improve the resilience of European banks and bring our legislation into line with new prudential international standards", said EP Rapporteur Gunnar Hökmark MEP.

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Lina Stenlund, Tel: +32 485 911 164

Energy Union: towards more affordable, more secure energy
Energy will take a prominent place in the mini-Plenary on Wednesday with the European Commission presenting the State of the Energy Union 2017 and two important votes related to the proposals in the 'Clean Energy Package' - the Energy Efficiency Directive and the promotion of renewable energy, to be voted on in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee on Tuesday. For the EPP Group, the creation of an Energy Union is of the utmost importance. It will make energy more affordable, more secure and transform the use of energy. To achieve the goals in the Energy Union, it is imperative to set up realistic and balanced targets and introduce the right incentives for citizens and businesses alike.

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Lars Ole Løcke, Tel: +32 470 474 838

EPP Group against 'sweeteners ban'
On Monday, the Parliament's Environment Committee will vote on a Commission proposal which intends to remove sweeteners such as saccharin or aspartam from the food we consume in fine patisserie such as cakes, biscuits and pastries alike. The EPP Group opposes the Commission’s proposal. "We oppose the 'sweeteners ban'. Everyone should be able to enjoy a diet-safe version of a Sachertorte, Macaroons or Pastel de Nata", stressed Françoise Grossetête MEP, the Group's negotiator on the dossier, explaining that on average, obesity reaches as much as 16% of the adult population in EU Member States, whereas at least 7% of the population gets affected by chronic diseases such as diabetes. "We cannot agree to anything that would ban these products from the market, which many people in need of a low-sugar diet depend on, without a transitional period required for finding alternative solutions", said Grossetête.

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Marta Osojnik, Tel: +32 473 625 868

Strengthening defence capacities of developing countries
On Thursday, MEPs will give their green light to extending the 'Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace' (IcSP) to capacity-building of militaries in developing countries. The IcSP already finances assistance in response to crisis situations or emerging crises as well as conflict prevention, such as a security sector reform. Negotiated on behalf of the Parliament by Arnaud Danjean MEP, the deal will extend this assistance to activities such as training or non-lethal equipment for third-country military forces, especially in countries where the situation is precarious and development impossible to achieve without the contribution of the military to stabilise areas or protect the development actors working in the field. An amount of €100m over the next 3 years will be added for this goal.

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Agata Byczewska, Tel: +32 473 841 093

Debating the Paradise Papers and the Slovenian banking sector's involvement
The Panama Papers Inquiry Committee will hold a public hearing on Tuesday afternoon with the journalists who revealed the Paradise Papers. "The new leak shows once again the organised, large-scale lack of responsibility of some who do not want to contribute to common welfare. We must speed up work on the two planned blacklists of tax havens and places used for money laundering", said Dariusz Rosati MEP, the EPP Group's Spokesman in the Committee. On Tuesday morning, the Panama Papers Inquiry Committee will have a closer look into the abuse of the Slovenian banking sector, including suspicions of corruption and money laundering. “One has to say very clearly that what has happened in the biggest Slovenian bank, Nova Ljubljanska Banka, is a crime. In a country where the rule of law is respected, a crime cannot go unpunished”, said Romana Tomc MEP, Slovenian Member of the Panama Committee.

Dariusz ROSATI
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Romana TOMC
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Daniel Köster, Tel: +32 487 384 784

EPP Young Members' Network turns ten!
On Thursday, the EPP Young Members' Network will come together for its 10th annual meeting. On this celebratory occasion, coordinator of the network, Tom Vandenkendelaere MEP will lead debates about the future of Europe and the run-up to the European Elections in 2019 with EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber, the European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Gunther Öttinger and Vice-President of the EPP Party responsible for the European campaign in 2019, Dara Murphy. The Young Members' Network is a driving force behind the EPP Group's work to connect young Members of Parliament from all Member States and to address the challenges that young people are faced with in Europe today.

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Dirk Gotink, Tel: +32 488 46 53 43

Chairman's Agenda
Tuesday: speech at an event of the European Office of Bavarian Cities (EBBK), Bavarian Representation, Brussels

Thursday: speech at meeting with the EPP Young Members; attendance at inauguration of the Mitsotakis Room in the European Parliament, Brussels

Manfred WEBER
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Press Conferences
Monday @ 11.00 hrs: Briefing on the parliamentary agenda
Wednesday @ 11.30 hrs: Aldo Patriciello on ‘Molise, example of best practice: enhancing tourism and culture‘

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