Special committee to examine failures in fight against terror

MEPs will vote on Thursday on the setting-up of a special committee on terrorism which was requested by the EPP Group. The point of this committee will be to examine possible failures in the cooperation and information sharing between the competent authorities in the Member States on anti-terrorism and to suggest possible ways of improving this cooperation to make the anti-terror fight more efficient. 

No EU-Turkey accession talks if constitutional reform implemented

A close and privileged relationship between the EU and Turkey is in the interest of both sides and is of strategic importance for coping with the challenges both sides face. But the EPP Group firmly believes that the privileged special relationship between EU and Turkey should be based on the rule of law and on the respect of the fundamentals freedoms and democratic values. Therefore on Thursday at the plenary vote on the 2016 Turkey report, MEPs will call on the European Commission and Member States to formally suspend the accession talks if the constitutional reform package is implemented unchanged as well as to suspend the pre-accession funds if the accession negotiations are suspended.

Tax Transparency: EPP Group wants disclosure of profit shifting to low tax countries

Corporate tax avoidance has become a European and global concern. The EPP Group wants corporate tax to be paid in the country where the actual economic activity takes place. Dariusz Rosati MEP, the EPP Group's negotiator on the new rules, accuses European Socialists of discriminating against European companies. "We want to make visible how multi-national companies shift their profits to low tax countries. But European companies doing business outside Europe must not be forced to reveal everything if competitors don't do the same", Rosati said. The debate and vote will take place on Tuesday.

Ukraine: further trade concessions

On Tuesday, MEPs will give the green light to the temporary introduction of autonomous trade measures for Ukraine. These additional measures, in the form of zero-tariff quotas for some agricultural products and a partial or full removal of the import duties on some industrial products, are proposed for three years. They will add to the trade concessions available under the Association Agreement in view of the difficult economic situation in the country. The Ukrainian economy shrank by 10% in 2015 due to the ongoing military conflict, the annexation of Crimea as well as trade restrictive measures imposed by the Russian authorities. While the help for Ukraine is essential, the compromise reached by the Rapporteur Jarosław Wałęsa ensures that the proposed measures do not adversely affect EU producers or farmers, as well as makes sure that the fight against corruption is one of the preconditions for granting preferential treatment. 

Outcome of the June European Council

MEPs will debate the results of the European Council of 22-23 June with Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during Wednesday’s key debate. Manfred Weber will take the floor on behalf of the EPP Group.

Estonian Presidency of the EU

Estonia will take over the Presidency of the European Union for the first time on 1 July. The political priorities include an open and innovative European economy, a safe and secure Europe and an inclusive and sustainable Europe. One of the highlighted targets for the Estonian Presidency is a digital Europe and the free movement of data. 

EFSD: €3.3 billion to tackle the root causes of migration

On Monday, the Foreign Affairs, Development and Budgets Committees will vote on an agreement on the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD). If approved in Committee, the plenary vote will take place on Thursday 6 July. The EFSD offers a combination of grants, loans and financial guarantees worth €3.3 billion to boost jobs and economic growth and address the root causes of migration. “EFSD is an innovative tool that will improve the investment climate and stimulate private investment where it’s needed most. We want to send a clear signal to our partners that we are serious about creating sustainable growth and tackling the root causes of migration,” stated the Co-Rapporteur Eduard Kukan MEP. 

Fighting against fraud

The first step towards the harmonisation of criminal law on crimes committed against the EU budget will be taken on Wednesday when Parliament votes on the Report on the fight against fraud to the Union’s financial interest by means of criminal law. Parliament's Rapporteur on the Budgetary Control Committee, the EPP Group's Inge Grässle, welcomes the proposal as it establishes the legal basis for the work of the European Public Prosecutor and provides better tools to protect taxpayers' money. 

Marrakesh Treaty: helping blind people to access books

On Thursday, the European Parliament will debate a new Regulation aimed at increasing the number of books and other material available in accessible formats for persons who are blind or visually impaired, such as braille, audio-books and large print. This will allow beneficiary persons and organisations to make copies of works in accessible formats and to disseminate them across the EU and in third countries which are party to the Marrakesh Treaty. 

First EU-Cuba Agreement

The European Parliament will vote on its position on the new political dialogue and cooperation agreement between the EU and Cuba signed last December. The EPP Group underlines the importance that the Cuban authorities open a democratic process which should include liberating all political prisoners, the full respect of human rights, granting the freedom of the media and organising free and fair elections. The vote will take place on Wednesday. 

Chairman's agenda

  • Saturday 1 July: Ceremony of Honour for Helmut Kohl, Strasbourg
  • Monday: CDU/CSU Party Presidency meeting, Berlin
  • Tuesday: Plenary briefing, Strasbourg; Opening remarks at the panel discussion 'The Kremlin's Gas Games in the EU', Strasbourg
  • Wednesday: Keynote speech on the conclusions of the European Council meeting; meeting with the Japanese Economy Minister Hiroshige Seko and delegation, Strasbourg
  • Thursday: Visit of Zollernalb area and speech at CDU Party event, Sigmaringen
  • Friday: Panel discussion with Bavarian Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner on EU regional funding, Bogen
  • Sunday: Panel discussion on 'Europe: Identity, Crisis, Future', University of Passau

Press Conferences (3-7 July)

Tuesday @ 11.10: EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber's plenary briefing

Wednesday @ 14.30: Elmar Brok MEP and others on Cultural Diplomacy

  • Source : eppgroup.eu
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