International Trade Committee Highlights of next meeting

Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 15.00 – 18.30 
Brussels, Room: Paul-Henri Spaak (1A002)

Tuesday afternoon at 15.00 and 16.30

Exchange of views with Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Trade. MEPs are set to discuss the implementation of the 2017 Commission Work Programme and the priorities for the rest of the legislature. They might ask the Commissioner about next steps following the Commission's reflection paper on Harnessing Globalisation and other topical issues.

Debate on ECJ ruling of 16 May 2017 on EU-Singapore FTA. Members will debate the implications of the long-awaited ruling, which clarifies competences for concluding free trade agreements. To watch: trade deal with Singapore, Vietnam and future agreements with Australia, New Zealand, later possibly the UK.

Tuesday, 30 May at 17.20

Implementation of the Sustainability Compact in Bangladesh. MEPs are set to vote on a resolution assessing improvements related to the 2013 Sustainability Compact aiming to improve labour rights and factory safety in the clothing industry. Rapporteur: Sajjad Karim (ECR, UK)

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