In February and March 2013 I had the chance to take part in a short term internship in Mr. Jaroslaw Walesa’s office in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Even though it was a short term Internship it was a great opportunity to learn about the functioning of the Europeans Institutions from the inside. Attending hearings, meetings of different working groups was very enriching and allowed me to be part of the day to day parliamentary work. It also gave me the possibility to improve my writing skills and practice foreign languages. The diversity of tasks I was responsible for, made the internship challenging as it required a wide range of skills. Working in an office with a team of four people was a totally new experience for me and taught me how to work effectively in a group and interact with others. I was impressed by the amount and the quality of work that has to be done, sometimes in such a short time.

The social life of a trainee in Brussels was a great time to meet interesting people who were either, working in the European Institutions either trainees or students. Thought out those exchanges I learnt a lot about other countries, met people from different backgrounds, sharing different opinions. I am happy to say that some of them will remain good friends. It broadened my points of view and helped to look from other perspectives at some common problems.

Working in Mr. Jaroslaw Walesa’s office in particular was very pleasant. As a trainee I was given some real responsibilities and was trusted. If needed I could easily find help and support for my work or in private life among all the assistants. What I could say I found the hardest in this work sometimes, was to be given instructions from three assistants and sort out which one of them has the priority over others.

Overall, this internship in every aspect has been a fulfilling experience thanks to which I learned not only about the functioning of the European Parliament but also about myself. I believe new experiences and internships like this one, are the best way to build up my future career path as well as my personality.

I am very thankful to Mr. Jaroslaw Walesa and his assistants in Brussels and Gdansk who work with him and have me working with them. It has certainly been two inspiring months.


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